Equity Compensation and Stock Option Planning

Do you work for a tech company or start-up? If so, you’ve likely received incentive stock options (ISOs or NSOs), Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), or an Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) as an employment incentive. If you get employee stock options or any company stock as part of your compensation package, it’s critical that you understand what they are, the tax implications, and their impact on your future.

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Get comprehensive financial advice on your equity compensation and your full financial situation. Vincere's Stock Option Experts have worked with stock plans from many top industry names.

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Equity Comp Tax Experts

Our team of experts is well versed on the complex and diverse tax implications of equity compensation plans. We're well suited to help you with RSUs, ESPP, ISO, NSOs and more! We have an affiliated tax company Vincere Tax to help you file your taxes too.

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You don't need 'generic' advice. We guide you through deep-dive comprehensive planning to make sure you're making the best decisions with your company stock (and the rest of your finances)

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Work with your team of financial planners the way you want to work. Vincere advisors are available by live chat, email, phone call, virtual meetings or in person (if local). It’s like we’re right there in the seat next to you making it happen with you.

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Vincere moves quickly so you can make informed decisions faster. Often with IPOs and blackout periods you need to act quickly. We get you answers quickly without sacrificing quality.

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Equity Compensation Planning With Vincere

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At Vincere, we have worked with numerous tech employees and startups. We’ve been tested through several IPOs and acquisitions. We’ve guided clients through all of the tax and planning needs surrounding their company stock through even the craziest of times!

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