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Real estate can be a critical part of a plan to achieve a “Work Optional” life. However, it can be complex and overwhelming to invest in real estate.

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Why Real Estate?

Cash Flow

When trying to get to work optional - you need income! Rental real estate can provide EXCELLENT cash flow to help you sustain a life away from work. *With the right property


Appreciation can be hard to predict, but can be a wonderful added benefit. Real estate values can appreciate in addition to the cash flow you receive.


At Vincere, we believe in having "True Diversification." Rental Real estate can be a great diversifier against the stock market's volatility.

Build Equity

Who doesn't want other people helping you become more wealthy? You can have other people pay your mortgage, building your equity with a rental property.


Rental Real Estate allows you to use debt financing to build your net worth. This leverage can amplify your returns, and financing is readily available.

Inflation hedge

Real Estate historically has been an excellent hedge for inflation. Rents go up with the price of things.

It can be challenging to get help from a financial advisor in Real Estate investing. Many financial advisors do not get compensated for Real Estate planning, so it can become an overlooked area for them and their clients.

Next, the advisor needs to be up to speed on the tax incentives and regulations around real estate, how to value different properties, and how those properties will impact your overall comprehensive financial plan. It can be hard to find an advisor that meets your real estate needs. At least until now…

Here’s How Vincere Can Help You

At Vincere, we understand that Real Estate can be a critical component of a financial plan. We work with you to understand if, where, and how it can effectively fit into accomplishing your goals.

We can help you analyze different properties. We stay up to date on Real Estate Tax and Regulations. We ensure that any property is a proper fit for your goals.

Real Estate Investing Knowledge

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Vincere helps you live your ideal lifestyle by providing financial planning and investment advice that helps you pursue your passion and achieve a "Work Optional" Lifestyle.