Financial Planning Minus The Suit And Tie

You have financial goals, and you don't want to settle for half-baked financial planning. "Vincere" is Latin for "To Win" or "To Conquer." And that's exactly what we want for you. We want you to conquer all of your financial goals by simplifying your finances and putting you on a clear path to action.

At Vincere Wealth Management, we focus on making the complex simple. We address your financial questions, both big and small, through comprehensive advice. Vincere is a fee-only financial planning firm that puts your needs first. We are in the business of listening, understanding, and guiding. A financial plan is meaningless without follow through. So, we help provide you with actionable advice and partner with you to implement your plan.

“Better to prepare than repair.” – Mitch Anthony

Ryan Koopmans, DVM, MS, CRPC®

Student Loan Planning, Debt Management, Veterinary Business/Entrepreneur Strategies
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Jen Swindler, CFP®, AFC®, MFPA

Equity Compensation, Marriage & Divorce Planning, Student Loans Analysis, Retirement Planning
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Tom McCutcheon, MBA

International Man of Mystery, Knitting
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Travis Buck, AAMS©, AWMA©, EA

Stock Options, Crypto, Tax Planning
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Renee Marinez

Budgeting, Debt Management, Empowering Women, Financial Education
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Josh Bennett, CFP®, EA

Taxes, Real Estate, Businesses, Employer Stock, International
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Tim Uihlein, CFP®, MBA

Insurance, Estate Planning, Cash Flow Optimization
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Your Money. Your Life.

Vincere helps you live your ideal lifestyle by providing financial planning and investment advice that helps you pursue your passion and achieve a "Work Optional" Lifestyle.