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Equity Compensation Planning Services for Nashville

Achieve your equity compensation goals without sacrificing the hometown touch.

Nashville's Best Equity Comp Planning

Get comprehensive financial advice on your equity compensation and full financial situation. Our Experts have worked with stock plans from many top industry names.

Tax Services for Nashville

Our team of experts is well versed on the complex and diverse tax implications of equity compensation plans. We're well suited to help you with RSUs, ESPP, ISO, NSOs and more! We have an affiliated tax company to help you file your taxes too.

In Depth, Accurate Planning

We don't provide 'generic' advice. We do deep-dive comprehensive planning with you to make sure you're making the best decisions with your company stock (and the rest of your finances)

Hassle Free Help

Work with your team the way you want to work. Vincere is available by live chat, email, phone call, virtual meetings or in person. It’s like we’re right there in Nashville making it happen with you.

Top Tier Equity Compensation Planning

Vincere moves quickly so you can make informed decisions faster. Often with IPOs and blackout periods you need to act quickly. We get you answers quickly without sacrificing quality.

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Looking for Help With Your Equity Comp?

Nashville is the hometown of country music and the birthplace of bluegrass. A a city with soul, from the music to the nightlife to the food and everything in between!

Every Nashville resident with equity compensation deserves a committed team of experts to assist with their company stock.  That's precisely what you get with Vincere. Your equity analysis, tax planning, investment strategy, and more are handled by our stock compensation experts. Your decisions regarding your company stock are made simple by our thorough approach to equity compensation.


At Vincere Wealth, our advisors understand that IPOs aren't usually broadcast in advance. You may need to make decisions quickly. We'll work with you to make sure you're making the best decisions on the timeline you're given.

Understand Your Motivations

You chose to work for your company. Sometimes the right financial decision can feel like a vote against your past choices. We help you understand whats most valuable to the success of your financial plan.

Tax Optimization

It can be challenging to navigate the complex taxes of equity compensation. Vincere helps you not only navigate the taxes, we help you optimize your stock strategy with taxes in mind.

Fiduciary Service

Vincere advisors are fiduciaries. We are obligated to put your needs above all else. You will receive only the advice that we believe provides the best outcome for you.


Understand the tax impacts of your Equity Comp. Know how much you'll owe in taxes way before the bill arrives.


Feel confident in your decisions around your company stock plan. Our Comprehensive approach can help you know you're making the right decisions for your financial future.

Equity Compensation Planning with Vincere Wealth

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Vincere helps you live your ideal lifestyle by providing financial planning and investment advice that helps you pursue your passion and achieve a "Work Optional" Lifestyle.