Divorce Financial Planning

Navigate your financial future with confidence: empowering you through expert guidance and tailored solutions

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Why Vincere's financial guidance?

Customized plans for equitable asset division

Our primary goal is to facilitate an equitable division of assets, ensuring a fair and just outcome.

Clarity in financial complexity

Our advisors excel at breaking down intricacies, providing clear explanations, and empowering you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Strategic financial planning

Collaboratively, we develop a strategic financial plan aligning with your post-divorce goals. This includes budgeting, investment strategies, and ensuring long-term financial stability.

Divorce can result in significant changes in income, investment assets, living situation, and other areas.

That's why creating a financial plan early on is a key step toward a more financially stable life post-divorce.

Divorce Financial Planning

Our Specialized Services


Cash Flow Analysis

This involves assessing how your financial situation may change in the future under various income and expense scenarios.

Tax Planning

We look at the tax characteristics, values and implications of your assets.

Settlement Options

Together, we'll analyze your situation in depth and devise a strategy to create a road map for your new life.

Get the Right Help, Not Just Any Help

Our resident, Divorce Financial Analyst can level the financial playing field and get you organized, educated, and up to speed on making objective and logical decisions.

Meet Jen Swindler

As a Divorce Financial Analyst and Wealth Advisor here at Vincere Wealth, Jen helps clients navigate their financial challenges and decisions that a divorce can present. Get the answers to all your financial questions.

Advice For Financial Separation And Beyond

Divorce Financial Planning

Why Choose Vincere? 

Know where you are. Know where you’re going. Know what you need to do to get there.

CFP® Board Certified

Our experts are board-certified. Professional designations bind us to strict professional and ethical codes of conduct.

Fee-Only Firm

We're in it for the long haul, and for all the right reasons. There will be no commissions or hourly rates.

Under Fiduciary Duty

We are proud to be fiduciary. Under 'Fiduciary duty': by law, we must have our clients’ best interest at heart

Holistic Financial Planning

We don't put people in boxes or check them. We design financial plans that are unique to you.

Divorce or separation can be isolating.
A perplexing emotional rollercoaster.
A financial minefield. But we're here to listen and help you get through your financial divorce and out the other side.

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Find out how our personalized advice works.

We understand divorce and financial separation. And we understand how to help you through it, ensuring you’re ready for the future. A future that’s yours to define.
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